Thai massage consists of stretching and pressure sequences (digitopressure) on points and meridians, circulatory compressions, joint mobilizations and reflex stimulations. The massage is applied to the entire body, from the toes to the skull. Its work focuses on eliminating toxins, offering the massage recipient a deep sense of peace both in the body and in the mind.
The duration of a Thai massage session is one and a half hours.
It is performed with the patient dressed in pleasant clothing, preferably cotton, lying on a tatami or futon on the floor.
Thai massage brings together the techniques of 3 disciplines of traditional treatment:
1.-Kneading of the muscles.
2.-Manipulation of the skeleton or chiropractic (osteopathy)
3.-Digitopuncture, pressing on certain acupuncture points or energy lines.
The objective of Thai massage is to harmonize and ensure the patient an optimal flow and stimulate all the energy of the body, as well as to balance the fundamental functions of the body.
It is especially indicated for:
-collaborate in the activation of metabolism
-to tone muscle and joint tension
-improve blood and lymphatic circulation
-release contractures and stimulate the body’s energy circulation
The Price is 45 € hour and a half
Foot massage: 
Benefits of foot massage: -Reduce stress.
-Attenuate foot pain and inflammation.
-Improve blood and lymphatic circulation.
-Increase joint mobility.
-Facilitate the elimination of toxins.
-Remove energy knots.
-Improves digestive functions.
The Price is 30 € an hour.
To make an appointment, contact us: 00 34 610. 89. 35. 05

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