Our team (in collaboration with the Big Wave and Sureste Surf School) is made up of great people and professionals, we have instructors certified by the ISA (International Surfing Association) experienced in teaching and in some cases they are also lifeguards. In our team we have people from different latitudes, Argentina, Spain, Italy, Germany

Our main objective is to provide a quality service to all people who come to our school in El Palmar, providing them with everything they need so that they can learn to surf in a fun and safe way, that they have a satisfactory experience after having made our courses and enjoyed our fun Surf Camp.

Luca (Director) and Manu (Co-Director)

With several years of experience in the tourism sector, we are dedicated to serving our clients and ensuring that accommodation such as the surf course and food are to your liking. We want you to enjoy it so much and feel comfortable to repeat and talk about our facilities to your friends and family so they can join the Bagus Surf Camp Team


My name is Marcelo O. Diaz Fernandez, Director of Big Wave Surf School, I am a teacher of Physical Education, lover of outdoor sports and healthy living. All these years of experience I have dedicated to teaching and tourism of activities in nature.

Ignacio (monitor)

Ignacio Monitor Surfer from 10 years Local of the Costa de la Luz Member of the Andalusian team Titled by the Spanish Surfing Federation


Agustin Monitor Surfer since 12 years Snowboarding Surfing all over the world Titled by the Spanish Surfing Federation

fernando (monitor)

Fernando Monitor Surfer from 8 years Local of Calos and Barbate He was a member of the Andalusian team Titled by the Spanish Surfing Federation

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